CRC32 Hack while keeping Checksum-16 stable

It's been a long time since I had Windows and Delphi on my PC, but I could not resist trying the new version. Thanks to Loren's idea and request, a windows-version of CRC32 hack that adds 8 bytes of data so that the simple checksum-16 remains stable can be found here

Typo error in mathematical description of CRC32

1 and 0 got confused :) Thanks Victoria for pointing that out.

Function Calculator

A new version of the Polynomial Function Calculator is online! A new system-solving routine is used, certainly faster but without fraction support. And, an automatic language selection for english(uk) and greek. Let's see if it works! I'm not sure if english(us) are identified, however...


Perhaps this program is cursed or something. Hope this is the final build!

Bug fixes on JConvert

Color depth was device-dependant, meaning that it changed with your desktop colors. We don't want that, do we? Anyway, I wondered why all my tests were OK whereas other had problems: different desktop settings.

I also added a donations' (through pay-pal) link. Actually, everything here is free and if you really want to be supportive, send some e-mails - or if you're feeling generous, send a postcard in an envelope, I collect stamps and love postcards! The link is there because of my curiousity on how these links work :) I repeat, I don't want money for anything on this site!

JConvert: a blast from the past

I haven't worked on this program for years, yet now it seems some ideas pop up. Anyway, thanks to Bruce again, I did some redesigning and added extensive command-line support. That means you can now call the program like this: "jconvert file1 file2 /silent /noreg", and it will convert file1 to file2 without registering itself or asking anything from your life. It wont show up at all. Thanks Bruce for your advice!

JConvert bug fixes

There was a bug when passing jconvert a parameter with no drive letter. That is test.jpg would not work, whereas c:test.jpg had no problem. Fixed that. I suppose it might work on network drives now as well, but I can't test it now. Thanks Bruce!

Backsel bug fixes

Nothing extraordinary, but could mess with the selected images if the new mode -staying in memory- was used long enough.

Another BackSel Update

New feature is added. There is the option of staying in memory and changing the background every few (or more) minutes. Some minor GUI changes as well.

BackSel Update

I added multiple file support in the OpenDialog. That means you can now add multiple files at once and not one by one. Thank MonaXos for pointing that out!

CRC16 Hack

After (public) request, a version of CRC32 Hack for CRC16 (XModem). I used a library from Aleksey Kuznetsov for the CRC16 table, and I haven't test it myself. Hope it works! Thanks, Chris. The link: here

Internal changes

Small changes in server files, you can't see them, yet they make updating somewhat easier.

Changed appearence script

It's been a while, eh? Hope this comes up right. I tided up the html code actually, nothing more... I will change the background image probably.

New IConvert version

Still not ready, yet supports GIF, PNG, JPEG, metafiles and icons (yes, bitmaps too). I don't know when it's going to be done.

CRC32 bug fixes

There was a problem handling zero-sized files with all editions of CRC32. The programs now will not hang-up, they will type "Error" instead of the file crc. Thanks to Alessandro Rodrigez for pointing that out!

CRC32 Command-line Pipe edition

A new program of the CRC32 project. This one works in command-line just like "more" command. Quite powerfull for those who need it, it can easily calculate the 32-bit crc of your directory structure (dir /s /-p | crcp), of any file (crcp < {filename}), or, of the output of your program (myprog |crcp)!

New CRC32 Calculator version

Since I wrote the maths, I wrote my own crc32 library and I used it for the new versions. It is available for download, and you will find it doesn't contain assembly code (as the previous did), so its much more easier to understand how it works. It may be a little bit slower, yet I haven't timed it and I don't see any important difference in the test files I used.

Many many news

I uploaded a mathematical description of CRC32 calculation. You will need a bit of algebra but I believe you'll understand it. Send any comments if you like.

All pages report when they were last updated. This is done with Javascript; your browser should support it.

I work on a new version of JConvert. Actually, the program is completely re-written. PNG support is added. Metafiles (WMF and EMF) as well as icons are also supported (so now I will call it IConvert). A version with only the basic functions is available. Check it out and report if you like.

Fixed some links (wrong slash). They were working anyway.

University's closed since a month or so. I need to get out and see the sun one of these days...

New version of BackSel

Added PNG support! (Programming-stuff follows...) I used TPNGImage by Gustavo Huffenbacher Daud, so it did all the work. I tried for a few days to translate libpng and zlib (free c source) because I couldn't find a unit to do what I wanted (define a descendant of TGraphic), yet TPNGImage was what I wanted!

Here we are again!

Corrected the counter reference. It look like this:

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BackSel is updated to

BackSel v1.1 added.

Hehe, this is news. A new program is here, hope you like it! It periodically changes your desktop background. Haven't tested with all Windows versions as yet, but it is fully functional. I will add some features soon, and then the source will be available as well. PS. I like ASP after all.

Boy, two months have passed!

I just added a line like this:

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Well, I had my vacations allright, spent a few days in hospital, few hours flying -not in that order but anyway- and a bought a new hard disk. This means paritioning, a good format, installing windows, installing linux, then all the programs one should feel happy about. Some fresh ideas, too. Moving on to ASP, let's see how this goes...

Will these exams EVER end?

Nothing new, only this GIF animation to the menu. Actually "New" means "Update", but I don't think anyone should care. The to-do list contains the TPlane class, so that real coordinates (and complex numbers) can be represented in a bitmap (X- and Y-axis included). Anyway, a week to go for the (final before August) exams... c u soon!

Welcome To DizzyK Ultimatum Site!

Formerly known as The Ultimatum Green-With-Purple-Strips Site, and also formerly having a rather dizzzzzy effect I must confess, this page is redesigned using the most advanced techniques of modern computer psychobiology and molecular HTML all in one, while presenting the post-nuclear effects of my personal works in programming computers to do stuff that no normal human being (as well as many psycho ones) would ever think of performing. It should be X-rated and I still wonder why little blue kids keep messing around and aren't at school somewhere in Ursa Minor.

If you are still here...

To your left is the menu, feel free to select anything you like. If you cannot see it try going here to the home page, or here directly to the menu.

All of the programs are written in Delphi. You are free to use the source doing whatever you want (just be nice to her...) but send me an e-mail for any comments if you don't mind.

I know I should do a proper translation but for now I'm just trying to get rid of the blue Ursa Minor kids I mentioned :)

Almost forgot: Best experienced with Mozzzzzzilla!

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